Petit Corbin-Despagne

Petit Corbin-Despagne was created to satisfy the needs of private customers in search of a fruit-driven wine that would be perfect for informal parties and also to meet the demands of on-trade customers who wished to offer their clients a wine that could be enjoyed young.

Petit Corbin-Despagne 2008

As from the magnificent 1998 vintage, precision work based on our terroir studies was undertaken to fine-tune selection of plots.
Petit Corbin-Despagne is a selection of lots coming from vines of 10 to 20 years old which will in the future provide the grapes of Grand Corbin-Despagne, once these plots are over 20 years old.

This special plot selection aims to bring out attractive fresh fruit and smooth tannins in the wine.

Vines under 10 years old produce a Third Wine, which is called Château Laporte.

General technical data

  • Location
    In the north of the Saint-Emilion appellation, adjacent to Pomerol

    Saint-Emilion Grand Cru

    Surface area
    Variable (depending on the vintage)

    Grape varieties
    Merlot 70% – Cabernet-Franc 30%

    Age of the vines
    10 to 20 years

    Clay-sand over iron deposits and ancient sands over clay

    101-14, 3309, Riparia

    Density of plantation
    6,000 to 8,000 vines per hectare

    Vine-growing methods
    Ploughing or a grass cover crop without any use of weedkillers, certified AFAQ-AFNOR as an integrated vineyard (Terra Vitis charter).
    In the process of converting to an Organically-Grown Vineyard since 2010 (Agrocert control: FR-BIO-07)
  • Yield
    40 to 45 hl/ha

    By hand in small crates with 5 successive sortings

    Different operations that can vary according to plot batches and vintage : numerous short pump-overs, rack and return (délestage) and punching down of the cap (pigeage)

    50% third-fill barrels and 50% in vat

    21 months after the harvest

    Annual production
    25,000 to 40,000 bottles depending on the vintage

    Canopy management work
    De-budding, removal of double shoots, de-leafing, crop thinning, removal of lateral shoots

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